A different kind of photo (for me)

I’m a real estate photographer by trade. Back home my days were spent photographing houses that were in perfect order without even a pillow out of place, or else telling real estate agents that they needed to get it together and get their ducks in a row. Real estate photography can be great. It’s awesome not being stuck behind a desk, for the most part people just leave you alone, and you get to see some pretty amazing houses.

The thing with this kind of photography is that it focuses on things perfect. If they aren’t perfect, there’s a lot of cringing and a lot of hesitating and wondering if a certain photo was really necessary in selling a house. I’m not in that line of work anymore. I quit a few months ago, and sold all my stuff and am now on living out of my backpack somewhere in Europe with my boyfriend. I’m attempting to use my skills as a real estate photographer to capture beautiful landscapes and architecture images (and mostly failing), but also practice other styles of photography.

A few weeks ago we got to spend the day at the Botanical Gardens in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It was there that I really decided that I wanted to start practicing a more “abstract” style of work. I don’t think I’ve captured that just yet. I haven’t really gone beyond making moderately pretty images that are in focus, but I’m hoping to get there soon.

We’ve spent the past week in Barcelona. It’s been an absolutely amazing adventure here and an incredible challenge for me as a photographer. I one of those people who doesn’t like to do my work around others. I get weird and embarrassed, like they’re watching me, expecting me to produce magical quality art. I also get weird about other people being in my photos if they’re not expecting it. This means I get really nervous shooting on city streets where people might think I’m trying to photograph their children just because I have a camera.

Overall I think I got some decent images though. It was my first time really shooting in a new a city, and I made myself get out there and photograph as much as possible. I haven’t gone through many of the photos yet, but I feel like I’m going to have some good ones.


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