Giant’s Causeway – Sunsets, Cloudy Skies and the Woes of Long Term Travel.

I’ve already written a pretty extensive post on Giant’s Causeway, so I don’t have much more to say. I will say that it was the first time in a while that I was truly excited to be somewhere.

Long term travel is hard. It’s way harder than any blog or video out there will tell you. It’s exhausting, and frustrating sometimes. You’ll miss home and miss having a place to put all of your stuff. You’ll miss your friends and your family, but also the privacy of your own room or apartment. But it’s also so rewarding.

Giant’s Causeway was one of those rewarding moments. Outside in nature is home for me, especially if I’ve got a camera in hand. I can’t think of anywhere better than on some forest or coastal trail somewhere to spend an afternoon or day or weekend. Giant’s Causeway brought me back to that. Before we’d been in Belfast, and it’s a nice city, but it was also starting to grate on us a bit. Before that we’d been in Scotland which we couldn’t get enough of, but we also both caught a cold. Getting to explore Giant’s Causeway was the first time both of us felt well and excited about traveling again.

We got to our hostel around 2 pm our first afternoon and just spent the rest of our daylight hours exploring. And it was amazing. We got to see the most extraordinary sunset (not picture because I can’t get half my images to upload right now), and really stretch our legs for the first time in what felt like weeks.

The next day we caught a steely sunrise over the basalt columns of the Causeway, hiked some more and then came back for sunset. It was exactly what we needed. It gave us a chance recharge and unwind. After feeling a little beat down and distressed from two months on the road, a day of hiking left us feeling invigorated and excited again.

Sometimes when you’re traveling you kind of lose sight of why you started traveling in the first place. I started to see what else the world has to offer and Giant’s Causeway was the first time in several weeks where I remembered that.

If you want to check out the more extensive post about our trip to Giant’s Causeway, you can find it at my other website Get Lost More.


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  1. Nel says: Reply

    These photos are amazing.

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      Thank you!

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