Black Sand Beaches of Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Iceland is one of those places where no matter how many pictures you take, you still feel like you didn’t take enough. We’ve been gone from there for a while, but I still think about all the pictures I could have taken, versus all the pictures I did take. I feel like I could have done a lot better, I could have been more patient, I could have tried harder. It is what it is, and though I feel like I didn’t shoot nearly as well as I though I could have, I still have many shots that I absolutely love.

The black sand beaches at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon were seriously magical. Actually the whole area was magical, but the beaches were what surprised me. It’s not really fair to say that most people just pay attention to the lagoon, because that’s not really true. Lots of people were on the beach when we  finally got to it, but I think most people don’t realize it’s there until after they’ve roamed around the lagoon for a bit. It’s a bit of an after thought. And why not, there’s a lake full of icebergs right across the street, but black sand beaches literally all the way around the island.

We got to the lagoon with maybe an hour left of daylight. This is not enough time, especially with the clouds rolling in the way they were and about a million other photographers trying to get sunset pictures, plus the drone operators who think they get priority because they have a drone (I want one so bad). We managed though. We didn’t get to explore like we wanted. It would have been amazing to hike around the whole lake and maybe spend part of an afternoon lounging on the beach, but the images of the lagoon and especially of the beach ended up being some of my favorites.

I am a bit mad at myself though. I got too caught up in the moment and wasn’t paying enough attention to the technical side of shooting. I wish I would have had a slower shutter speed to really smooth out the waves a bit and give the images a more surreal, and dreamy quality. It’s a lesson learned though and something I’m working on now. Despite that, the pictures of the beach ended up being some of my favorites from Iceland and from our last three months on the road.



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